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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There have been many studies shows Minoxidil can work effectively on both men and women. But Men & women use different brand Minoxidil Products like For women Rogaine Brand is Best and For Men Kirkland is the best
If you need to cancel your order please do it as soon as possible if we have already processed your order you can contact us and return the product.
Yes you can change your delivery address you have to sign up in your account and go to address detail and from there you can change the address but remember to change it before it will not be dispatched to deliver to your old address
You should avoid going out in sun after using Minoxidil but there is no need to worry there are no case same of photo sensitivity of the skin due to this medicine
To track your product you need to sign up in our website sign up on login option available on the upper right corner and go to order and from there you can know in how many days you can get your product delivered to you
We suggest that you should use hair styling product before using Minoxidil it will be more effective to style your hair wait for hair styling product to dry and then use Minoxidil as it prevents dilution of Minoxidil and absorption into the hair.
Minoxidil is safe and approved by FDA many user directly buy it from shopuskart online shopping and they have not face any side effect of this medicine and seen positive result of using Minoxidil
All the products shown on our website are available you can order any product you want we manage enough inventory of all the product Order lead depends on the products and the Quantities.
Yes it has some side effect after all it is a medicine made up of drug but it has minimal side effect such as skin fell itchy or irritated or sometime but it won't last long it disappears after a few days or couple of week as you body adapts Minoxidil and No, it will not affect you sex drive.
For effective result you have to use it twice in a day once in morning and next time in Evening and you have to continuously use it for 5 to 6 months to see its effective result
You can order it from our website Shopuskart you can choose from variety of products and you find a product you need, add it into a cart login and then go through the ordering process and after you order the product you will receive the order summary to your email  and when you want to reorder the product you can also reorder it by clicking on reordering button
There are follicles on our scalp on which our hair grows and due to unhealthy diet and imbalanced life we don't give proper care to our scalp and our follicles start damaging and DHT take place near follicles and stop blood flow, whereas Minoxidil help in providing nutrition needed by our scalp and increase blood flow towards our follicles and this will help our follicles to regrow hair on our scalp
For liquid - A dropper comes along with a liquid you have to take the liquid according to level marked or prescribed by the doctor For Foam - it is half a cup or a single pump if you are using for beard use it after washing a face and  gently rub it on your face and if you are using it for a hair regrow gently massage with it on your Scalp
We will send an e-copy of Invoice to your registered email address and we will also send you a bill in a box along with box when the product is delivered to you will get both product and bill in it
We always maintain our Inventory with fresh product and we will always send a product with an expiration of more than 12 months and you can check this at the time product is delivered to you.
Delivery charges all over India including in the sell price there are no hidden charges.
If 5% is working effectively on you then you should continue using 5% Minoxidil as it is cheaper and possibly better than higher percentages and in case of many user 5% is more effective so, along with the effectiveness, price and minimal side effect we suggest you should go for 5% Minoxidil.
You can try again in some time we understand it happens sometimes so you should try it again and if the payment is still not accepted you can notify us we will manage the order manually.
Patients with a history of hypersensitivity or pregnant women or someone who is taking medicine of any other serious health  issue should Minoxidil after consulting there doctor only and pregnant women should completely avoid it
When you buy online from you will get 100% genuine product and by ordering online you will get prices faster and you will buy it directly from our website shopuskart so you can avail discount too and get product at your doorstep in just a few steps always buy it from 100% genuine seller as this product is not manufactured in India and there is a high chance that you can get fake product so buy it from our online site shopuskart and Original product